No more bread-and-water punishment in Navy

Beginning January 1, 2019, the traditional naval punishment of jailing junior sailors for three days with just bread and water to eat and drink went the way of flogging and keelhauling. It was part of an extensive change to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which President Barack Obama signed into law in late 2016.

Bread-and-water confinement was a nonjudicial penalty that ship commanders could mete out to misbehaving sailors in the lowest three pay grades. It dated back to when warships had wooden hulls and sails. Offenses that might earn sailors this punishment in the brig were unauthorized absences, insubordination and lewd behavior. Aircraft carriers and the larger amphibious transport vessels  were generally the only ships with enough space for a brig dedicated to this practice.

See: “Navy to scrap bread-and-water confinement” by Scott Wyland on the Stars and Stripes website (2018)

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