George Washington’s mess kit from Revolutionary War

George Washington’s well-appointed personal camp chest, or “mess kit,” enabled him to dine in a manner reflecting his position as commander of the Continental Army, according to the U.S. National Museum of American Museum. By 1782, his camp equipment included canteens, tents, tables, traveling beds, and various other field equipment that required two horses to transport.

Washington’s camp chest above, now in the Museum’s collection, is complete with all original utensils. It contains tin plates and platters, tin pots with detachable wooden handles, glass containers for condiments such as salt, pepper, and sugar, as well as knives and forks with dyed black ivory handles. The chest also contains a tinder box, candle stand, and folding gridiron.

From: “George Washington’s Camp Chest” on the National Museum of American History’s website

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